Your Own Private Beach: Painted Wall Plates, functional wall art

$40.00 USD


Product Description

I’m guessing you probably can’t afford to buy a beach (not many people can), but you can get a glimpse of what it looks like. If you can, pretend you need another one. Pretend your fan’s the ocean breeze when it’s hot, or imagine you’re somewhere else if it’s not. Look closely. You have it all to yourself! This set includes three standard 1-gang duplex outlet covers and one standard 1-gang switch plate. Each plate is approximately 2.75 inches wide by 4.5 inches tall. These are upcycled, repurposed hard plastic plates. Extra care should be taken to avoid cracking them by tightening the screws too much. The screws themselves are new. Each plate comes in its own protective sleeve and they all are packed securely in a sturdy box.

If you are looking at this, you probably have access to electricity at some point. Electronic gadgets typically don’t run without it.

Switches and outlets (or in electrical-speak – receptacles) are a necessary part of having and using electricity. They’re usually pretty plain, but part of that is because they’re standardized – otherwise you’d have to re-wire a room every time you bought a new floor lamp. The plates that surround them are a different story. Obviously, the holes in the middle have to be a certain size, and they have to keep your fingers out of the electrical goodies in the wall, but otherwise there’s room for variety. No, I’m not talking about choosing from beige or almond. No, don’t tell me. You have cream. Still beige. If you have something other than beige, you probably paid a premium just to get a bit of decoration or color.

You could buy white, which is a little better and not too expensive, but they’re still rather bland. Or you could go bold and give people something to look at! Why end up with what everybody else can get when you could have an original work of art right there on your wall! Add pizazz to outlets and panache to switches (or vice-versa, your choice). You can show up the snooty people – “my collection is a part of the wall, not just on it.” Posturing not your thing? Do it for you – you like pleasant things to look at, right?

Why give a faceless company more for a “designer” factory-made plate than you’d pay for original art? Each is signed by the artist (still me) and each is completely original – I can’t even make prints of them myself. These are real outlet and switch covers, ready to fit U.S. market outlets and switches. If you’re outside the U.S. it’s on you to figure out if these will fit. Or, you could display them on the wall, or on the shelf, or in any other place as weird art objects. They’re especially great for dressing up the outlet eyesore in the middle of a blank wall, or that oddly-placed switch in that one room. Give yourself something fun to look at – oh, it’s for other people, too. Give them as a gift if you can bear to part with them. Add some art to your life, your home, and your day with these wall plates!

These are not toys. These are not intended for heavy use areas. These are not suitable for food contact. These are for indoor use – dry locations only. Be reasonably careful of scratching, clean gently with dry and non-abrasive cloths, and take care of over-tightening screws. Specific care information will be provided with your purchase. Be sure you want and can use them before you order. I have included screws as a courtesy, but you don’t have to use them. Be sure the screws I provided are appropriate for your outlet or switch before you try to use them. I don’t separate sets, but singles, varieties of sets, and different types will be available as I create them, so check again later if you don’t see something you want.

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