Well, I don’t have a headline, so…

To Heat Or Not To Heat - Pendant Lighting

If you can’t reach me quickly, I’m probably making art, promoting art, or trying to improve the community. Exercise patience and restraint.

I like saving money, energy, and the environment. I enjoy planting, but I don’t enjoy people messing with, or walking away with, what I planted. Art is an integral part of my life, and I enjoy it.

The idea of the computer is great. What you end up using - or at least what I end up using - is not.

I believe writing and fun have an inverse relationship – the more useful it becomes, the less entertaining it is. You may have gleaned this fact from some of my listings.

I don’t believe in gossip. I don’t subscribe to the societal norm of asking questions of anybody and everybody but the person with the answer. I do have a firm belief in speaking your mind –loudly- (as long as it’s not nasty). I don’t do it enough.

I also choose to believe social media, profiles, and other annoying nosiness have little use outside of mild occasional entertainment. Mixing personal friendships and business relationships usually does not end well. I am not a social media addict, or even a casual participant, so if you chance to see me there, it’s probably not actually me.

I also believe you can have beliefs other than mine.


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