Well, I don’t have a headline, so…

To Heat Or Not To Heat - Pendant Lighting

If you can’t get a hold of me quickly, I’m probably making art, promoting art, or trying to improve the community. Exercise patience and restraint.

I like saving money, energy, and the environment. I enjoy planting, but I don’t enjoy people messing with, or walking away with, what I planted. Art is an integral part of my life, and I enjoy it. Computers are also important, but they inspire a reaction rather different than enjoyment. Not the idea of the computer and all its related technological baubles, but the current implementations of computer hardware and software are frequently, quite frankly, bordering on repulsive. I believe writing and fun have an inverse relationship – the more useful it becomes, the less entertaining it is. You may have gleaned this fact from some of my listings.

I don’t believe in gossip. I don’t subscribe to the societal norm of asking questions of anybody and everybody but the person with the answer. I do have a firm belief in speaking your mind –loudly- (as long as it’s not nasty). I don’t do it enough.

I also choose to believe social media, profiles, and other annoying nosiness have little use outside of mild occasional entertainment. Mixing personal friendships and business relationships usually does not end well. I am not a social media addict, or even a casual participant, so if you chance to see me there, it’s probably not actually me.

I also believe you can have beliefs other than mine.

I saw a sign in a commercial. I wish I had one too. It said “be nice or leave.” It’s a message we can all use. It’s surprising how often it works when you apply it to yourself, and how much happier both you and the people around you can become.

It also works really well as the related “be nice or I’ll leave.”

That's a nice line, but I won't, so if you're mean you'll be the one leaving.


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