Model No. 50 Surprise Package

$50.00 USD


Product Description

Do you like surprises?

If so, keep reading.

If not, keep reading anyway.

When you order you’ll get more than $65 worth of artlife items. No, it won’t be the ones that you see for sale in my shop. As to what you’ll get – that’s the surprise. You’ll see your items for the first time when you open the box. The imagery will be family-friendly and the package won’t contain clothing. Wow, pretty sure of myself, aren’t I? I actually said –when- you order.

So stick your hand in… well, enter your payment info anyway, and see what you get!

When you place your order, I’ll start gathering fun items, so this will take a little longer to ship than my other items. When your surprise arrives, you’ll also find a list of what’s inside.

Feel free to share photos of your surprise – just please tell people where you got it!

Surprise me by ordering today!

And no, you can’t request items. Then it’s not a surprise. These are not toys. Treat what you receive with appropriate care. It’s your responsibility to be responsible with your surprise package and its contents. Don’t forget to read my shop policies.

What makes this a Model No. 50? The price of course! And it’s more fun that way.

Did I say surprise enough yet?