Joseph’s ReMedia (tm) Artist’s Panel, No. 1

$15.00 USD


Product Description

Bags bags everywhere and not a place to send them. Recyclers say no plastic films or bags and to the store you can’t return them – contrary to what it says on the bags.

Well, and then there’s all the plastics that aren’t marked recyclable, and others marked not recyclable.

What to do with this plastic gaggle? Turn them into an Artist’s Panel! And yes I really did use gaggle.

Artist meet Joseph’s ReMedia(tm) - the gesso-coated Artist’s Panel made of plastics destined for the landfill.

The panel comes with a frame – it’s cut to fit. This one’s a horizontal format, and has D-rings and wall bumpers preattached. The panel will not be flat and smooth. The randomness gives artwork texture and variety. Please do not buy this if you are expecting a smooth, flat panel. Wire is also included – about 18 inches’ worth. The panel itself is 5 by 7 inches nominal. Like many products, the actual size will vary slightly from its ‘official’ or nominal size, but it will fit the frame it comes with. The wire is best put on after the artwork has been inserted.

Want to show off your finished work? Send a printed photo 8 by 10 inches or smaller with your name clearly printed or typed to the following address: Whistle Stop Gallery, PO Box 967, Granite City, IL, 62040 (USA)
After reviewing artwork for family-friendly content and photos for reasonable quality, approved images will be posted to (
Only artworks on Joseph’s ReMedia(tm) and Joseph’s ReSurface(tm) panels are eligible.

This is not a toy. Handle with appropriate and reasonable care. The frames are purchased and already contain framing points – you must always be careful with those.

You will receive the actual panel and frame pictured when purchasing.

Joseph’s ReMedia (tm) Artist’s Panel, No. 1