Joseph’s ReJeans – hand-drawn artwork on size 40 men’s jean shorts

$15.00 USD


Product Description

What do you do when your jeans don’t fit? Maybe you donate them, or get a new set of cleanup rags. Me, I’m more of the ‘nice clothes to work clothes to disposable clothes to cleanup rags’ kind of guy. Needing a different size upset my usual clothing depreciation plan. Therefore, I decided to draw on them. With a permanent marker. Turns out, it doesn’t wash out - at least not in cold water. They’re same-purposed … you know, instead of repurposed. I’d label them upcycled. You may or may not, depending on how much value you think my art adds to them. If you don’t, keep it to yourself.

These are size 40 (that’s what the tag says) men’s Wrangler jean shorts. They have front pockets, back pockets, a few other things, and belt loops. These used to be my shorts, and were always washed in cold water. I really enjoy the variation of pattern on this pair. These have not been size-altered.

The sizes I list are the sizes in the clothing. If you have bought clothing before, you know that the size is more of a general guess than a measurement, so keep that in mind when making selections. I recommend cold water wash for two reasons: warm or hot can change the size, and it could cause some of the drawing to fade. Attempt warm or hot water wash at your own risk. Also, don’t use stain removers or bleach on these.

Joseph’s ReJeans – hand-drawn artwork on size 40 men’s jean shorts