Joseph's Art-velopes: hand-drawn envelopes for gifts, presentations, or storage

$39.00 USD


Product Description

When a card from the store just won’t do, Joseph’s Art-velopes are the answer for you! Anything from a simple note to dream tickets can be uniquely presented in them. Joseph’s Art-velopes are more than just a card. Why pick out a card that everybody else has seen? Why limit yourself to the few options from the store that actually make sense and aren’t, well, weird? There’s no weird writing here, and unlike a blank card or a regular old envelope, these are ready to go. Some gifts just don’t work in a box. Don’t you want to express your thought – it is the thought that counts, after all – in something more interesting than a store-bought gift box, or bag for that matter?

These are perfect for concert tickets, gift certificates, photos, romantic poems, quick notes, and more! Each one is hand-drawn and numbered, which makes any gift you choose to enclose personal and unique. These are even great for the office: dress up generic awards and office notes in an envelope that wows! You’ll be happy that you made your gift one of a kind, and your recipient will be happy too. Have fun sharing them with friends and family, or trade notes, photos, and recipes in a fun new way. Store a few snapshots within easy reach, or keep a few letters from dear friends. Use them to keep track of your thank you notes too! Can you think of a few more uses?

These are not made from archival materials, but they should last many years (perhaps decades) if kept dry, indoors, away from direct sunlight, and out of extreme heat and cold. These are not toys. Although they’re fine for recipes, they’re not safe to put the food you make in them, and they’re not safe to eat off of – but why would you want to?

Each package contains ten 6 inch by 9 inch embellished clasp envelopes for only $39 plus shipping. Quantities are limited: each is really hand-drawn.

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