Gilded Cage – Pendant Lighting

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Product Description

Okay, so there are a lot of pendant lights made. Any given pendant is most likely a mass-produced item. But how many have unique shades – as in the only one? It can be you. If you love quirky décor, can’t get enough conversation out of a conversation piece, or just like lording the fact that you have the only one over everybody else, one of my pendants might have your name on it! Not literally of course … well, you never know.

Don’t buy another dime-a-dozen (if only they really were that cheap) mass-produced pendant when I can please your unique lighting needs. Once each pendant is gone, it’s gone for good – if you see one you like, get it before someone else does!

This pendant provides unique patterns of light and shadow. Lit or dark, it promises to be an unusual addition to your décor. It can make a cozy area cozier, and can hold its own in larger areas too. This pink cage really is ‘gilded’ too – with a silver spiral pattern. This isn’t your typical Gilded Cage – unless you’re viewing it from the light bulb’s perspective. The shade is flexible and can be bent, so be gentle when handling the shade portion. This pendant’s shade measures about 10.25 inches wide and 10.5 inches tall. The light kit has a brushed nickel finish, has a cord adjustable up to 63 inches in length, and accepts standard-base bulbs.

This particular pendant comes with a hand-repurposed shade and a light kit I purchased as a unit. The light kit has not been altered in any way by me. The unit (light kit) is hard-wired and conforms to U.S.A. electrical supply standards, according to the manufacturer. It is your responsibility to arrange installation properly and use the unit correctly. I have included its packaging and instructions. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions and procedures. Consult an electrical professional if you are unsure. Do not install the unit unless you are qualified to do so.

I have no special light bulb requirements for this pendant shade. Follow the unit (light kit) manufacturer instructions. I encourage using LED bulbs and the lowest wattage, light output, and energy consumption you need, within the instructions. Please use good judgment.

You never know what I’ll come up with next (I don’t either), and I don’t take requests, so if you don’t see something you like come back and check again. You’re bound to see something sooner or later that strikes your fancy, or tickles your funny bone. I enjoy reusing and repurposing, so don’t be surprised if you recognize an item or two in there. Each shade is signed by the artist – that would be me, by the way.

This is most definitely not a toy. While I have made every effort to ensure there are no sharp edges, it should still be handled with extreme care. Your purchase will include a use and care note specifically for your shade. Corded light kits with lightweight shades may need time to ‘hang’ before the cord will straighten – please be patient. Remember, when changing bulbs never grip the shade or cord. This shade is intended for indoor use – dry locations only.

Be sure to review my shop policies before purchasing.

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