Original hand-drawn Halloween themed coloring sheets - downloadable


Fireworks - Coloring Sheets Hand Drawn by an Artist - Downloadable and Printable


Storm’s a comin’ - acrylic painting on panel


Joseph's Art-velopes: hand-drawn envelopes for gifts, presentations, or storage


Seascape W5 by Helena M. Langley, on Joseph’s ReBoards


Surreal Spring: functional wall art, Painted Wall Plates


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artlife - where art meets you

Welcome to the online repository
of my everyday art:
art meant to be used,
not simply looked at.

I seek to share art by placing it
and within
objects that are normally use-oriented,
and sometimes even discarded.

Utility and beauty can be combined.

Please share in my vision
of art as a part of everyday life -
art is not only to revere and admire,
but to share.

Joseph Langley